Smart door lock has broad prospects, technology and channel power as the core of competition
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China's intelligent door lock technology is constantly mature, the industrial chain is clear. Smart lock in China's development from the early 1990s to date, with the rapid development of China's economy and science and technology, the product has presented a hundred competition phenomenon, in all stages of the representative type of single-machine lock, 2.0 single-machine lock, housekeeper lock and network lock. At present, China's intelligent door lock industry has formed a clearer industrial chain, upstream mainly includes processors, biometrics, communications companies, etc.
Global sales of smart locks are growing rapidly, with China as one of the main sales areas but with low penetration. According to the IoT Partner Program Alliance (ICA Alliance), the Internet of Things Standardalliance established by Alibaba's Internet of Things Industry Partners, the White Paper on Smart Lock Applications and Development in China 2017, In 2016, the global market sales of smart locks to 11 million units (of which, Japan reached 1.5 million units, South Korea reached 1.7 million units, the European and American markets reached 2.5 million units, China reached 3.5 million units, other markets about 2 million units), the global smart lock industry is expected to reach 51 million units by 2020. From the smart lock market penetration rate, Japan and South Korea intelligent lock development earlier, in the industry precipitation, development patterns and market popularization and other aspects of relatively mature, high penetration, of which, in 2016 South Korea intelligent lock penetration rate of up to 80%, Japan and Europe and the United States are 40% and 15%, respectively, and China only 3%, the future development space is large.
China's smart lock industry is developing rapidly, with sales channels focused on engineering channels and offline retail channels. According to the Icaica Alliance's White Paper on The Application and Development of Smart Locks in China 2017, China's smart lock production and sales in 2015 was 2 million units, in 2016 about 3.5 million units, in 2017 it was 7 million units, and in 2015-2017, the average annual cagr in China's smart lock industry was nearly 90%. Sales are expected to exceed 32 million units by 2020. Regional distribution, according to the "China Smart Door Lock Industry White Paper 2017" released by Analysys, china's smart door lock sales in 2016 concentrated in east and south China, accounting for 45.7% and 15.8%, respectively. In terms of channel distribution, according to Yiguan", "China's intelligent door lock industry white paper 2017", china's intelligent door lock sales channels mainly rely on offline channels and engineering channels, accounting for 50% and 40% respectively, online channels accounted for about 10%.
The number of intelligent door lock enterprises in China has grown rapidly, and the three camps have been formed. According to the National Lock Information Center, there were more than 2,000 smart door-locking enterprises in China in 2018, an increase of 67% over the previous year. In terms of brand pattern, ICA Alliance released the "China Smart Lock Application and Development White Paper 2017" data show that in 2017 China's smart door lock brand has formed three major camps, professional brands are still the backbone of the industry, and internet brands focus on apartment door locks. We expect that as sales of smart door locks are more focused on the head brand, the industry is expected to accelerate the shuffling, and some small companies with limited research and development capacity will be eliminated. Industry reshuffle will continue, technology and channel power leading enterprises are expected to stand out. Smart lock has a very wide potential market, but at the beginning of the rise of the industry by technology bottlenecks, marketing bottlenecks and other restrictions, it is difficult to form a new need, to a certain extent hinder the development of industry. We believe that the future smart lock industry shuffling will continue, there will be a number of hot spots, technical ability is not strong, market development is not strong smart lock enterprises were eliminated; For example, in the apartment market and home market dual power of the Internet gene prominent Yunding technology and relying on the original door lock production technology accumulation, earlier open up offline channels such as Deschmann.